About The Group

Established in Tel Aviv in 1963, the RDT Group is a privately held operations and holding company specializing in advanced technologies. The RDT Group’s aim is to leverage its resources and knowledge for the benefit of its subsidiaries and ventures.

50 Years

of Continuity and Innovation

With experience spanning five decades, an established group of subsidiaries and a large portfolio of successful ventures, the RDT Group has accumulated extensive know-how that enables us to respond swiftly and efficiently to changing technologies and market conditions.

Our strength is in our management – a tightly knit team of professionals dedicated to our success – and in the strong network of partners we have built over the years.

Group Activities

The RDT Group focuses on wide range of tailored made solutions. We represent high end producers of technologies which gives us a leading position in the market.
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Our professional team bring high skills and abilities that enable us to provide the best services and solutions to our customers.



Corporate Structure

RDT Management Services Ltd., a subsidiary of the RDT Group, provides comprehensive services to other Group subsidiaries, enabling them to focus on their core competencies. RDT Management’s range of services includes financial, legal and operational services, as well as providing assistance in HR management, IT, logistics, marketing and PR.

Market Segments

The RDT Group subsidiaries are active in a wide range of market segments, including industries such as telecommunications, software, heavy industry, medical, agriculture and defense, and services such as banking, insurance and healthcare.