RDT Equipment and Systems Ltd.

RDT Equipment and Systems Ltd. is Israel’s primary supplier of system testing solutions and services.

A leader in Israel’s electronics industry, the company is the exclusive distributer of renowned international manufacturers.

Asio Vision Ltd.

ASIO Vision provides solutions for industrial video, image processing, thermography, recording systems and custom-tailored vision applications. ASIO Vision is a local representative of leading manufacturers in the Vision field.

Itec Ltd.

Itec Ltd. is Israel’s leading supplier of Embedded Design and Verification Tools, including top of the line support for mission-critical application development according to the DO178B standard. Itec also provides technological and scientific training equipment for Vocational, Elementary & High Schools, Universities and Technical Education Institutions. In addition, Itec specializes in supplying Test & Measurement Equipment for standard laboratory measurements, power supplies and specific measurement and monitoring systems for physical properties in materials, chemicals content in drinking water and waste water solutions and Gamma radiation levels.