Investment and Business Development

Israel Adir, the Founder and Chairman of the Board of the RDT Group, is also one of Israel’s leading investors in emerging technology companies. Years before Israel’s high tech boom, or even the venture capital funds that have facilitated start-up investment, he saw the potential of this sector. His pioneering investment in Lanoptics in 1989 was followed by a series of successes in every area of the high-tech sector. Lanoptic’s IPO in 1992 marked the first dramatic success of Mr. Adir’s investment strategy.

An impressive track record

Since the beginning of Israel’s technology era, the RDT Group has been active in the development of new products and technologies. Going far beyond the financial investment, Mr. Adir and the professional team of the RDT Group provide active support to the growing start-ups. This ranges from strategic development consulting, to negotiation with partners and major clients; from logistics support to sourcing assistance.

All the expertise a start-up needs

The group’s expertise begins with technological understanding and years of experience in R&D, the engine behind any start-up. On the other hand,  the top executives in the group are also adept in raising capital; planning product & marketing strategies; legal, accounting and financial management; managing IPOs, mergers and acquisitions; and general technology management.

The RDT Group signs up companies with strong managers and a sound technological basis, but often with little more than that. RDT’s goal is to help them execute their business goals, transform themselves into lucrative businesses and become market leaders around the globe.